Hello! Welcome to our frequently asked question. We often get a lot of the same questions so we hope that your questions can be answered through here. If not please reach out to us with any questions you might have about our services. 


How do I book a wedding with you?

Fill out our contact form! This form will need your name and wedding date. If we are available on that date, we will contact you for further wedding details so we can find the perfect package for you. 


Do you travel?

YES, with travel fees !! We love to travel and we will go anywhere. We are based out of Utah County, so no travel fees apply to places near here. 

We have shot weddings in California, Oregon, Iowa, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah. 


Should I hire you guys for video AND photo?

YES!! We are a team, we have shot so many weddings together already. We have created a flawless system that makes wedding day go by very smooth. When we shoot weddings together we create a game plan for the day. We figure out who will do the directing, who will do most the posing, who will be where when, ect. We also are married. We can communicate just by looking at each other which helps with staying out of each others shots, which means that wee have more beautiful content to send you. (also it is cheaper to hire us together :))


Do you do other videos/photo services?

We do! Tyler loves when he can do different video projects and Katie loves to capture everything; portraits, maternity, proposals, seniors, families, events, ect. Just reach out to us and see what we can offer you.



How early do I need to book with you?

Right now! We have weddings that are booked within a month and we have weddings that are booked over a year in advanced. To be safe, 3-6 months in advanced is best. This is so we can ensure we are available for your date. 


What special things should I expect?

Video: Tyler creates the most magical wedding videos. They can start from getting ready in the morning to the car driving away into the sunset. He has high quality gear that captures clear videos and crisp sounds. He records speeches, vows, and reactions and can add them to make your wedding day more personal. 

Photo: Katie captures it all. The candids, the posed, the tears, the laughter, the rings, the special kisses, and more. She also sends it ALL. We don't put a number on our photo albums because some weddings have 800 perfect moments that you'll want to look back on one day. 


When should I expect my wedding photo's back?

2 weeks! Isn't that insane! We try our hardest to keep up with our work. We both do this full time so when we aren't shooting we are most likely editing. We know hoe exciting it is to see your wedding day in it's entirety so we try to not drag it out for you.


How will I receive my final video + photos?

We put together a personalized website with all of the final work. The video will be uploaded to YouTube under a private shareable link, we will also send you a version that will allow you to download it to a computer or flash drive. The photos can be downloaded as high-resolution as well as social media versions. You can save all these on a computer or flash card as well. We also have the option to buy a physical copy of all it from us. 


Do you have more questions?

We would love to answer any questions you might have! Please reach out to us! Click here to get in contact with us!