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How do I book a wedding with you?

Fill out our contact form! We will get back to you anywhere between 0-48 hours with our availability and different wedding package recommendations!


Do you travel?

YES!! We have shot weddings in California, Oregon, Iowa, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah. Reach out to us to see if we're available for your wedding date, and we may even give a discount depending on where your destination wedding is!


Why is it beneficial to hire a husband/wife duo?

Great question! There's a number of reason why it's better to hire a husband/wife duo:

1. We're able to make our photo/video packages cheaper then just photo or just video. We do this because we love working together :)

2. We know how to work TOGETHER. We've heard some horror stories from married couples of some situations where the photographer and videographer did NOT get along! How uncomfortable is that? Especially on your wedding day of all days, you want people that can work together and make it fun. After all, it's your wedding day, it SHOULD be enjoyed.

3. We've made systems that make photo and video less stressful and more fun, not just for us, but for everyone at the wedding as well! Our solutions to problems that we've seen in the past make it so you can focus on your wedding day while Katie and I implement our experience to ensure a smooth photo and video process.

4. You only have to reach out to one company/person! Sometimes having so many different vendors for your wedding day can be stressful. When hiring a husband/wife duo, your combining what normally would be 2 vendors in 1! Nice, right?


Do you do other videos/photo services?

We do! Tyler loves when he can do different video projects and Katie loves to capture everything; portraits, maternity, proposals, seniors, families, events, ect. Just reach out to us and see what we can offer you.


How early do I need to book with you?

Right now! We have weddings that are booked within the same month and we have other weddings that book us over a year in advance! To be safe, 6-12 months in advanced is best. This is to ensure our availability for your wedding date! Although, even if your wedding is today, don't be afraid to reach out! It's not something we haven't done before ;)


What should I expect?

Great question! We're professionals in our industry, so as far as services go, you can expect great communication, professionalism, advice, clear expectations, and some fun and laughter.


When should I expect my wedding photos and videos back?

2 weeks! Isn't that insane! We try our hardest to keep up with our work. We both do this full time so when we aren't shooting we are most likely editing. We know how exciting it is to see your wedding day in it's entirety so we try to not drag it out for you.


How will I receive my final video + photos?

We put together a personalized website with all of the final work. The video will be uploaded to YouTube under a private shareable link, we will also send you a version that will allow you to download it. The photos can be downloaded as high-resolution as well as social media quality versions straight from the website. On top of that, we'll send over however many USB's with your photos and videos that you'd like! 


Do you have more questions?

We would love to answer any questions you might have! Please click here to get in contact with us!

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