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Engagement Photos!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

You are engaged!! Now what?!? I'll tell you what.

First things first.

Pick a wedding date, this can be a day that is special to you, a convenient time, or a random date. Choosing a date can be difficult. Something that I found that helped what making a list of the top 3 things that are important for wedding day. Is it the venue, the season, the people who can be there? This can help pick the date. Next you start wedding planning! This looks different for everyone!

Once you pick date...

You'll want to take your engagement photos. (With me of course!!!) Engagement photos are probably my favorite to do! It is so fun to meet the couples, see the wedding excitement, and capture the love. I seriously turn into the professional 3rd wheel and I LOVE IT! Engagement photos can be done as early or as late as you'd like. Some people want them on the save the date, invites, for their wedding website, or just to have at the wedding. The biggest question I get when booking engagements is "WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!?"

What should I wear?

Picking an outfit for engagement photos can be HARD, but I want to make it as easy as possible for you! First of all you should wear something you feel comfortable in, if wearing a big pink dress isn't you, don't do it. Picking colors that match your wedding colors is a great idea especially if you are using them at the wedding or on invites.

This can give people an idea on what to wear to the wedding. Ask your photographer if you can do an outfit change or two! If you are iffy on some of the outfit choices you are making, have a change of clothes ready just incase. If you can decide on colors lean towards neutrals. White, black, tan, off white are great options. Make it unique! Add a hat, bring flowers, do them in a lake, add a smoke bomb, whatever! BE YOU!

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