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KT Productions

We're so glad you are considering us for your wedding.


This is US.


We quite literally tied the (rock climbing) knot on November 6th, 2021! We are CRAZYYY! We LOVE to travel and explore new places. We rock climb, scuba dive, wakeboard, hike, surf, fly airplanes, swim, make sick videos, take pictures, watch movies, read books, go to school, hang out with kids, cook dinner, save money, spend money,  run, wake up at 5 am, love dogs, set goals, fail, succeed, win, lose, and enjoy life. We are CRAZY! 

On the camera side of things...

Tyler has been a FULL-TIME videographer for 2 years now and it's his dream job! He loves filming weddings, capturing first looks, editing each unique video, learning how he can improve, and working hard. 

KateLynn joined Tyler's videography business in May 2021, and she instantly fell in love! She came to ALL the weddings she could with Tyler, watched him film, edit, and talk to clients, and next thing we know she's booking us out, taking the camera out to take pictures or video, vlogging, and learning everything she can.  She loves to be social and talk to clients, pose people, be the smile behind the camera, and edit videos.


Baby Coming NOV. 2022